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Mind you, it takes some doing to get a view of the Ocean . I think I would have to go upstairs now and take a look from the verandah up there. Its a grand verandah, wide and deep with rooms opening onto it via French Doors. I think that would give a view across the Caravan Park and River, past North Beach and out to the Ocean. Downstairs is where most of the drinking and eating go on. The hotel is still delightful and the food is good. One can buy brains there. Crumbed brains with $3 buying an extra brain. The OVH has a beer garden and , bars, an old telephone box, statuettes and eating inside and out. Dale Wrd came visiting from Sydney the other day with her Blues PLaying man, ROSS S WARD of WARD’S EXPRESS. We took our lunch out the front where we had a breeze on a hot day. Terrific pub meals and the Visitors Guide to the Bellingen Valley and Waterfall Way.



We are somewhat short of Eateries that are right on the water in Bellingen Shire. ANCHOR’S WHARF in Urunga is one. Friday Nights they have TAPAS with Local Musos playing. Well worth a look. Specially with the River right there.  I surely wish the Boathouses from Chinatown weren’t being demolished – one at a miserable time. When I first started coming to Urunga and then when I moved here to live in the early 70s, we had boathouses and jetties and boats for hire and plenty of deep water swimming round at the Lido near the Caravan Park.

Anyways – nowadays we still have Anchor’s.