The BARDS OF BELLO night at Guru Foods was a pleasure. I read in Pip Wilson’s Facebook Comments, that Marti Guy has been emceeing and organising it since it started. Seems she also places the ad in the COURIER-SUN each month as well, at her own expense.

Its on the last Friday of each month. As stated previously, the April Bards were at GURU FOODS.  Free admission. Suited us well. I had my frappe drink with ginger and assorted other goodies. Amy makes the desserts as well as handling the cooking and this week the choice was Banana and Honey cake or peach and cardammon cheesecake.

The Bards covered a wide range of moods, genres and tastes. I haven’t been to a poetry reading since U.Q. (University of Queensland) for Izzy’s farewell from AUSTLIT and that’s a few years back now.  Iz wore his maroon beret from ULMARRA which he wears for MCing. The next night he wore it to the JAZZ at the RSL GOLF CLUB where he was asked to remove it. Forgot it was an RSL Club. I thought they were also supposed to observe a silence in the evening but that didn’t happen and there was some pretty heavy language from one member of the band. Ah well.


I had to leave earlier than I would have liked due to fatigue, but as I was leaving, Craig was showing some of his preparation for a World Challenge in Nimbin. Marti was standing at the door listening carefully. I shall follow up on the details.

I have seen this building which houses GURU FOODS, in many guises over the years. I think Mark St Leon was there at one time and there was definitely Italian. I have forgotten the main name I knew it by which seems silly. I wonder if anyone out there can  fill in the very large gaps for me.

When I started to come to visit KatiB and IMM  a couple of years back, Mel and Woodsy had it – with circus gear and all manner of exciting stock.

Now, the Girls are doing an excellent job of honouring the Ethos.


The Autumn Mornings this year are clear and cool. Last year was the Year of the Floods – but this year is exquisite. The mists rise each morning from the paddocks out front and its crisp and cold. I have rarely enjoyed Autumns and realised this week that it is because I have always feared the  winter.

2010 – and I have determined to simply enjoy these lovely days as they are. The shadows are long and the dew is on the grass.



When I was away on the 2 week round trip to all children and grandchildren, I took  video of the trip down the DORRIGO MOUNTAIN to Bellingen. That was for the SAVE BELLO HOSPITAL Facebook Page. Having recovered from many years of phobia re driving up and down the Mountain, it was interesting. The quality is dodgy as and I have only just discovered Windows Live Movie Maker so Bear with it.


This week I took a drive through the Hospital Grounds at Bellingen and was shocked. The building above is just some sort of demountable and there is a whole batch of them. Shoddy ! 

old bello hospital 
Once it looked like this ! Margaret Glyde has sent SBH a lot of pics from the Past. Where did the elegance and aesthetics go to im 2010 ? The wrought iron went to someone’s house. They contacted us. At least its not taken for granted.

Bellingen Hospital, northern New South Wales, Australia. It has a lovely nature path. - Copy

Pip Wilson posted these images of the BRDH grounds and that was only a few years back. Beautiful grounds, well kept and a fine legacy from Dr Hewitt.   They didn’t look like this yesterday. The Bellingen Health Action Group  is organising something for the Gardens. I shall put their site up here.


Public Notice
Do you love Gardening? 
Do you hate weeds? 
Do you want to beautify the gardens at Bellingen Hospital?

Then Register NOW to be a Volunteer Gardener at Bellingen Hospital

We are seeking more volunteers to add to our growing list.

Diana Saunders on 66550071 or
Barbara Moore on 66551898
for more information and to register.

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