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In my favourite dictionary with the blue repair job on the spine, it says that DREARY is from the Old English words for mournful and bloody. A bloody mournful day so it has been, with the sense of impending doom.

Bloody Mournful. That’s me. I looked up SAD Seasonally Affective Disorder but prefer – bloody mournful – especially since SAD is stated to come in Autumn or Winter – or Spring or Summer. Right ! My day was affected alrighty and the season WAS involved in that.  So was the restaurant which didn’t have a single “vegetarian option”  and the dratted platelet count and the Greyness of the Day and the few truly suck things in our family at the moment.  I went into Urunga. That led to the highlight of the Day – rejoining the Clarence Regional Library. I didn’t want a book – just the Card and the familiar security of belonging to the CLARENCE REGIONAL. We( as a community)  avoid COFFS HARBOUR Library and have done for many years. I no longer recall the reasons for that but have always been tickled. Coffs Library sits in the middle like a fortress under siege and WE ( Bellingen Shire ) do NOT join forces with them.  We are allied with Grafton and the Mighty Clarence.

Then I met the neighbour who has injured his back  and heard a sad story about a wee lass I once taught. A truly dreary day. With the depressive nature of my temperament, days like this take some conscious programming to emerge from – smiling.

Evening comes, as it did before 5pm and the Black Cat called Bill sits on the back of the lounge. Between the TV and Me. I am not even going to write down the thing he did today.


This is what Cainer says – Astrologically speaking – The further into July we get, the closer we come to the maximum intensity of this year’s rare T Square.

Maybe I had best get the following forecast from Mr Cainer tattooed on the inside of my eyelids.

But after July, you may feel more inclined to give credence to Creationism. It will certainly seem as if a finger of fate has reached into the bubbling cauldron of your personal world, though you may feel suspect that this heavenly hand is clutching a giant stirring spoon. If the sky is really ‘on your side’ it has a funny way of showing it. But the purpose of a forecast like this is surely to help head off a crisis of faith. So I should explain that there’s a clever rhyme and a wise reason for this mid-year mayhem. Saturn forms an opposition to Uranus which, in turn, forms a conjunction to Jupiter and a T-square to Pluto. That’s real, rare, raw magic at work. It’s your chance to change something you thought you might never alter; a fear that has dogged you for decades. Even if the events that oblige you to conquer this are trying, the consequences of your inevitable success bring a future that exceeds your highest hopes.


DSCF7593 Well then, with the Mind turned to the Mournful Sorrownesses of this World, the Satin Bower Birds just keep right on visiting. I think I am putting this entry in the wrong blog. It might be better in my own personal one. However, it is here. It seems that the plan is to form a hospital network  of Macksville, Bellingen, Maclean. That is apparently one of the messages which came out of the Bellingen Health Action Group Public Meeting last night. Since their webpage is out for a month, I have only Word of Net to go by.


There is a Conference of some kind on tonight with the Health BigWigs. We will see what comes out of that.

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