DSCF1351 Tomorrow it will be Spring. The Jabiru has been down at the dam and there is a hint of bush smoke in the air. Kombu the Organic Food Shop in Bellingen has expanded.

Kombu Wholefoods – Your Online Healthy Living Store

"An Aladdin’s cave of affordable and sustainable organic produce" – The Australian

Welcome to the Kombu organic grocery and healthfood store. Thanks for coming to visit. We run Kombu as a social enterprise where environmental and social impacts of the business (including the products we sell) is considered equally as important as the usual financial considerations. To that end we also run the business along not-for-profit lines with any profits at the end of the year going back into the business and into the wider community.
A new feature on this site is the inclusion of independent feedback. All the feedback and reviews you’ll find throughout the site are managed by an independent feedback organisation. You’ll find our current rating on the left hand side of this page – click for detailed information.
We pride ourselves on only selling quality products at affordable prices – keeping healthy food and associated products available to as many people as possible. We hope you enjoy browsing our store and shopping with us.
With best regards
Lowanna, Kevin and all @ Kombu

I buy my muesli there in a brown paper bag. Sometimes, I get my shampoos and conditioners and Cell Food is cheaper than any other outlet we have found.





I took the train south as planned and I enjoyed it. 8 1/2 hours  from Urunga to Sydney Central.  I took shots of almost every station on the way and much of the countryside.  First Class didn’t seem greatly different from Economy. We were segregated and no Economies were allowed into our Sanctum. I think that’s in order to keep them thinking that there actually is some elusive Class One filled with wonders and elite service. If they were allowed in – they would KNOW.


DSCF0992 Brunch was pretty good and so were the snacks but LUNCH was a little dodgy. CANNELONI RICOTTA AND SPINACH. I wasn’t foolish enough to consider doubling up on that one. I was given a blue COUNTRYLINK carrybag for my meals. I don’t know whether or not Economy has them or whether they are restricted to FIRST CLASS. I have personally only ever had cardboard foldable on my economy adventures.


DSCF1343 I also took some shots in the ‘bathroom’. Pretty sad really, even though I did enjoy the travelling. Its still a pretty sad and inelegant people-mover. Coming back North, I was sitting opposite a Grafton acquaintance, a gorgeous German man who was a virgin to the first class XPT and I watched the shock process work on him. He had boarded the train ready to enjoy it but someplace beyond finding out there is no power for laptops, that we were expected to empty our own rubbish several times as they attendant came around; that the last few hours would see only a reflection of self in the tinted windows and nothing of the view – well sometime around then – he curled up and SLEPT.

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