NOVEMBER 11 2010.

I have several days at home to myself this weekend. The day is coming over clouded and just a little cool. Its 22 degrees C at the moment. Pleasant is the word.

Lets think about things. My brother gave me a map of the U.K for my 60th birthday. He got it from the British Museum and has labelled it with as many of the names and places of our ancestors as we so far know. We have a heritage based entirely in the U.K. and the last ancestor to come out to Australia did so way back in the 1850s.  Quite a few of the families were from Britain’s most remote places. Highland Scots and Devon and Cornwall. There’s a clutch of convicts. Quite a large clutch. Another of ‘assisted emigrants’.


I framed it. Well, Izzy bought a frame in Sawtell and we framed the map and at the moment its resting on a cupboard while we look for wall space on which to hang it.


The Workers’ Cottage is colorbond. I think that’s what its called. Its not my favourite substance and has a bare nudity to it. This week, Iz dug a garden bed and planted some plants under our windows. Two of them are passionfruit vines which could go a little hectic. I bought them at Spring Plant Fair following a chat with a lady at Kethel’s stall. I wondered whether there had been something go wrong with passionfruit here on the North Coast. The reason I asked was the high price. $1 or more for one passionfruit.

She told me that passionfruit still grow wild and rum amok as they have done since the day of the outside loo. The pricing is entirely an artificial construct caused by Government regulations etc. We bring them in from Queensland. I didn’t even attempt to enter the mazed Govt reasoning. I just bought the vines. We will see what happens.


Now, Izzy has gone South to his son and grandchildren  for the weekend. I have a phone call to make to my sister who is ill. My brother is in Paris and London for a fortnight. Next week, I plan Armidale for a grandchild’s 11th birthday.

And – in the meantime – in the meantime – home and the family in the Valley. Baby has now been swimming twice. Once in North Beach Pool and once in Bellingen Swim Centre. I thought it was just Bellingen Pool but discovered  the fancy re-name. I haven’t been there since 1999 when I taught Urunga kids to swim there.


Bellingen Swim Centre was a good deal easier with one baby and her mum than it was with dozens of schoolkids. I was quite impressed. $3 entry and hot chips for sale. Irene had just finished her aquarobics class and there were lifeguards a plenty.  Not quite Southbank but a lot of fun.


I believe that KEAN’S COACHES no longer service the Bellingen – Armidale route. Bummer because I liked their theme – WE ARE KEAN TO HAVE YOU TRAVEL WITH US.
Seems to be BY BUS that I need to contact for this journey.
That’s done. BY BUS were spot on. $90 return Bellingen to Armidale. Pay the Driver. Leaves Bello at 6.15pm on Monday night and gets into Armidale app 9pm. Then back Friday Morning. Not bad at all.


I went to Coffs Jetty this week. Checking the Jetty Markets. They were on underneath the Shopping Centre which used to be called TREASURE ISLAND. Never underestimate the Power of Tacky in Tourism.  There were also markets down Harbourside. That’s the one where Izzy and John Turbill played one Sunday.

We also went to lunch at Ocean Noir and took a look at kerry Penrose’s art exhibition and I ate Philadelphia Pie. I recommend doing that.

And I spent time with the boats and trawlers and shops.


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