Nellibellingen’s Summer.

A lot more was going on in Bello than I was involved in but I can only see what I can see so lets take a look.

093 012

I travelled South to Port Macquarie to visit with my family.  That was about 1 1/2 – 2 hours and spanned  4 decades of my life.

Went to Navin’s Auto repairs for some work before Christmas. That’s on the Pacific Highway on the edge of Urunga. Northern Side. They have treated me VERY well. Not bad with the vehicles either.

046 007
Down at Urunga, they built a new playground for bigger kids. Just outside the Library it is.

We had a family Christmas ahead of us as well as the first Santa photos for the Baby. Gifts and flowers. Santa photos from Toormina Gardens were the A1 BEST with Photoshopping for the unwilling child.

018 035

And the lorikeets came visiting. Lots of lorikeets.

While at Fernmount, the old farmhouse was cut in two and prepared for removal.


034 082

2011 came blazing in with wonderful sunrises. My cottage looks to the sunrises so it does. And the moonrises.

Baby turned one. Family came to visit from up on the Tablelands and we did a bit of walking around North Bellingen as well as doing the growers’ Markets.

011 004
Markets were held at North Beach just beside the Bowlo. And at home the Kookaburras came. We had horses in the paddocks and cattle down below.
013 lori3

It was a good month for Gleniffer swims, out in the Promised Land. Cool clear water. Fresh and fast flowing with all the rains of 2010.

The lorikeets matured and increased in numbers. They also became tamer and friendlier. Then along came February.

080 023

We visited the Cafes in Church Street where the council is removing the magnificent camphor laurels and planning a ‘precinct’. Modern Urban, I think they call it.

Took a shot of some typical Bello letterboxes as well. I like the Country !

184 032

February was a month of heartbreak for us with the loss of Susan , my sister.

I spent some time on Bello streets in the heat. Kind of wrapped up one very strange summertime.

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