• Ian Mitchell Can you still see the Flathead rest marks in the sand of a morning?
  • Anchors Wharf Cafe, Urunga Yes.. and some are big!
  • Kristine Hannola My nan and pop (Bruce and Joy Mitchell) used to own the shop many years ago we used to have lots of Christmas’s there, many great memories and so much fun had by all
  • Ian Mitchell Hi Kris, when nan & Pop were there it was the “Do Me” Boatshed.
  • Kristine Hannola Ok for some reason I thought it was the urunga boat shed
  • Ian Mitchell Uncle Mark & Cathy Erasmus might have called it the Uringa Boatshed but not sure
  • Kristine Hannola Ok but didn’t we used to have fun there
  • Ian Mitchell There were originally two Boatsheds called Do Me 1 & Do me 2. They were originally owned by a Crief Rankin & a family fron Coonamble out west who used it as a holiday home
    Kristine Hannola Well there you go I didn’t know that
  • Ian Mitchell Nan & Pop ended up buying both and building the new house & shop.
  • Ian Mitchell Uncle Dennis & Ray Hall also bought in and they ended up living there and later moved out and Nan & Pop sold the other house across from the park on the other side of the street & moved back in.
  • Ian Mitchell Rae not Ray


One thought on “DOO MEE BOATSHEDS”

  1. The boat sheds were actually called the Do Me & the Do Me 2. Crieff Retallick owned the Do Me & Norm Moody from Coonamble owned the Do Me 2. The Moody family owned this boat shed up until roughly 1971 when it had to be moved across the other side of the river once the new bridge was built. I spent my last holiday there in either 1968 or 1969. Dave Moody (the youngest of the 11 children)

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