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The Human Tragedy of West Papua

The suspicious death of a rebel leader is the latest in a long line of alleged human rights abuses.

By Gemima Harvey ( A URUNGA GIRL )

January 15, 2014


The people of West Papua have been calling for self-determination for half a century – a struggle for liberation from an Indonesian military occupation that has seen as many as 500,000 Papuans killed. A recent development in this long campaign is the suspicious death of a commander of the rebel Free Papua Movement (OPM), Danny Kogoya, on December 15. The cause of death, as described in the medical report, was liver failure, bought on by the presence of “unusual chemicals in his body,” raising concern that he was poisoned.

via The Human Tragedy of West Papua | The Diplomat.

via The Human Tragedy of West Papua | The Diplomat.

David Hocking: The Mothers Day Swell – a surfing poem!



Jack Roberton. Lennox Head, NSW.

“The Mother’s Day Swell.”

No-one knows from where it came

This rumour as it were

But for the tribes of the Northern Rivers

Disbelievin’ was a slur

For only once or twice in any surfers life

do not words such as these betray

of a great southern swell

of what size who could tell

was arriving the following day

via David Hocking: The Mothers Day Swell – a surfing poem!.

via David Hocking: The Mothers Day Swell – a surfing poem!.

Australian Railway Songs: The Northern Mail

The Northern Mail

The Northern Mail is moving fast

With seven hundred souls;

Though many vow this ride\’s their last,

The fireman shovels coal.

Who knows the drama buried here

Within this lurching throng?

Who knows what tales of love and fear—

Who knows who\’s right—or wrong?

There\’s cutters, shearers, spielers, thugs,

Commercials with cigars

With town-men, bushmen, bad men, mugs,

They jostle through the cars.

The Northern Mail goes roaring on,

A comet through the night;

The sun goes down, the bush has gone,

The farm-lamps fly from sight.

And some arrange, with weary hand,

A bundle in the rack;

Only the bush can understand

Their fate—along the track….

And some for health and pleasure go,

And some go riding free,

And some sleep now who do not know

Where their next bed will be.

God knows what\’s in those trunks and ports,

Or where they\’ve been—and why;

The whistle screams, the head-lamp glows,

The Northern Mail flies by.

There are sleepers restless of the roar,

But few of them recall,

For some can sleep upon the floor;

And some don\’t sleep at all.

Some day, perhaps, I\’ll put down roots,

Hear no more ‘Tickets please’

And bid farewell to smoke and soot,

Farewell to cramp and fleas.

The Northern Mail comes panting by,

We rattle round the bend;

For some, new roads of life begin,

For others, old ones end.


via Australian Railway Songs: The Northern Mail.

via Australian Railway Songs: The Northern Mail.



Mind you, it takes some doing to get a view of the Ocean . I think I would have to go upstairs now and take a look from the verandah up there. Its a grand verandah, wide and deep with rooms opening onto it via French Doors. I think that would give a view across the Caravan Park and River, past North Beach and out to the Ocean. Downstairs is where most of the drinking and eating go on. The hotel is still delightful and the food is good. One can buy brains there. Crumbed brains with $3 buying an extra brain. The OVH has a beer garden and , bars, an old telephone box, statuettes and eating inside and out. Dale Wrd came visiting from Sydney the other day with her Blues PLaying man, ROSS S WARD of WARD’S EXPRESS. We took our lunch out the front where we had a breeze on a hot day. Terrific pub meals and the Visitors Guide to the Bellingen Valley and Waterfall Way.