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The Highway has been very busy again this year. I haven’t seen it like it for a long time. Stuart Watson, the Fiddler who came down from Gladstone for the Raleigh Rumble said that he thought the road trip might be back on people’s agendas. We also have the loony 50 kph speed limit through town which banks it up. The Lions did a fine job of putting the boats back up. Its signs like the one there that still light warning lights inside of me. Everything looks a little tatty. A little neglected. They paint out one thing in a blue that doesn’t match and then leave it like that. Interesting times in which we live.
Round here at the corner of the Old Highway and Valery Road is a large hole where the Feb 2013 floods washed the road away and there is not so much aas a warning sign. Just rotting red and white crime scene tape.

Bellingen Shire Arts Week | An Arts Experience in the Bellingen Shire

Bellingen Shire Arts Week | An Arts Experience in the Bellingen Shire.





Information For Visitors


Where is Bellingen Shire?

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How to get to Bellingen Shire?
Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 3.18.55 PMROAD

Drive the coastal route from Brisbane or Sydney or travel the New England Highway to Armidale. Waterfall Way connects the Great Dividing Range, Armidale, the Dorrigo rainforest, the picturesque town of Bellingen and ocean beaches of Urunga. Following this route you can explore the chain of superb national parks bordering Waterfall Way whilst enjoying the many events taking place in Arts Week.


Fly direct to Coffs Harbour Airport (20mins from Waterfall Way) from Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.


Daily Countrylink trains stop at Urunga by appointment.



Visitor Information Centres:

Image courtesy of Bellingen Shire Council

Bellingen Shire Arts Week | An Arts Experience in the Bellingen Shire

Bellingen Shire Arts Week | An Arts Experience in the Bellingen Shire.


Put the dates September 20-28 in your diary now, for coming in 2013 is the first ever Bellingen Shire Arts Week.

Throughout the week, across the Shire, there will be an exciting array of workshops, exhibitions and performances – art, sculpture, ceramics, poetry, drama, music and more. It will be a showcase of artistic and cultural talent. Please browse the Arts Week online program to find out what’s on and contact individual artists, tutors and performers regarding their events.

The popular Bellingen Music Festival will be a major part of Arts Week with the renowned Australian Chamber Orchestra 2 performing on the opening night after a day of workshops with the Bellingen Youth Orchestra. A full program of concerts over the weekend of September 21-22 is planned. Details are on the music festival website

Be sure not to miss out on this opportunity to participate. Book into some fascinating workshops (click for more details), get tickets for great performances (click for more details) and discover unique exhibitions (click for more details).
To participate – please contact the artist/organiser of the event which interests you. Contact details are given in every event listing in the program.

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nellibellingen | nellibell49 in urunga, bellingen, raleigh and repton and environs



Hello there and welcome. My name is Jay and together with my partner Scott and two beautiful children, Poe and Ilo, we share our adventures in life amongst the trees. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to have a cup of tea (or any other beverage of your liking) and stay for a while. You can contact me at

The amazing Marguerite who arranged the whole things.

Bellingen, NSW @ Not Quite Nigella

Bellingen, NSW @ Not Quite Nigella.

“Oh look over there! That’s where I made Araluen eat that chilli when I was nine years old!” Mr NQN points out excitedly to me. We’ve just arrived in Bellingen, a town of just over 2,700 people and of Mr NQN’s former homes. It’s a picturesque town with a population a curious mix of hippies (aka Mr NQN’s family) and farmers. It is said that in the 1970′s the hippies moved into town and helped to revitalise the town. Now, decades later, it has evolved to have  some of the best food you can find on the Mid North Coast area.

… Bellingen Seedsavers …

… Bellingen Seedsavers ….
Some seedsavers attended this march which was organised by Bellingen locals.

Check out what happened around the world.

Here is the FaceBook page link

Jude and Michel Fanton, founders of Seedsavers, were unable to attend. They sent an apology which was read out to the audience.

“We are unable to attend as we are in Albania. We had the huge privilege of hearing Vandana Shiva in person at a free seed festival in Greece 10th to 13th of May. Let’s continue to exchange freely and abundantly.” Jude Fanton

Here are some pics from the day. Marguerite and Annabelle, with supporters, organised an inspiring event.

Carol Vernon read an apology from Jude and Michel Fanton


Marching to the park.


Bellingen Memorial Hall was the wet weather venue

Bellingen Greengrocers | Healthy Planet – Healthy People

Bellingen Greengrocers | Healthy Planet – Healthy People.

Bellofoodbox is our all-local, super-affordable mixed box of fruit, vege and herbs, available for pre-orders in three sizes.


We prefer to source as much organic, biodynamic and spray-free produce as possible, and distribute our selection of healthy food to people in the Bellingen, Urunga, Dorrigo, Valla and Coffs Harbour areas.

Our delicious produce comes from local growers within a 150km radius of Bellingen. Bellofoodbox aims to promote the local economy, encourage sustainable agricultural practices and support local growers, contributing to a connected community.

Win a place on our Creative Camera Workshop | Fixel

Win a place on our Creative Camera Workshop | Fixel.

Win a place on our Creative Camera Workshop

Like our page on Facebook:, and share this story and we will put you into a draw to win a spot on our first workshop in this series – see below for details

Fixel  helps you fix your pixels!

Most people never take their cameras off Auto – and in the first course they’ll be showing that there’s nothing wrong with this!  Instead of worrying about the technical side, they’ll be focussing not on the buttons and dials but on the creative side of photography.  They show how to frame a subject, what rules you can use to create a pleasing composition, and how and when you can break the rules. They’ll delve into how zooming in or out (or which lens to choose) can change the look of the photo, and when you should use one auto mode rather than another.  Photo courses often get bogged down in technicalities. This course is about having fun, getting experimental, doing something different with your camera.

The Second course will look at the technicalities, but won’t get bogged down.  We’ll discuss when you would want to put your camera onto “Manual” and why, and look at how changing your exposure can drastically change your image.

Course three will be for anyone who wants to explore the world of pixel fixing.  We’ll show how to edit your photos shot in the first 2 sessions to give them the most impact.


nellibellingen | nellibell49 in urunga, bellingen, raleigh and repton and environs.


I can see the river from my back deck. Reckon the bridge might be under. Sunday morning from Dowle Street

Gabrielle Tindall
Bucketing down! Think I’m flooded in. No work for me today.
The  sate park is under water and there is water in my front paddock. The tent is half flattened and now the winds are coming
Up on top of Kombu the whole food shop in town, there is a webcam.
Take a look.
DSCF7744 chinatown