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THE NEW BELLBOTTOM . Keep your eyes out for one of these in bello shops or check the contacts below.


just a glance over the week. Its GLOBAL CARNIVAL WEEK. I am not saying anything about it. Let it speak for itself. Restraint of Tongue and computer keyboard for me.

I am NOT going.  Probably won’t be going to visit the family in North Bello either. Read their spiel. Check their FACEBOOK page, talk to the people of the town and lets see what comes out of it all.

DSCF3517 DSCF3520

I was rather stunned by the scale of preparations. Went, as usual, to GROWERS’ MARKETS last Saturday only to find it moved along to the town end of the Showgrounds due to the Global Carnival constructions. Massive and each day adds a little more.

One bright spot in a quite bright day was coming across the FIRST ISSUE  of MAGGIE QUIRK’S BELLBOTTOM magazine. Check the FACEBOOK FOR BELLBOTTOM.

Bellbottom Media The first issue of bellbottom hit the streets of Bellingen today. Find your copy at: Hearthfire, Kombu, Geckoz, Alchemy, Vintage Nest, The surf shop, The video shop, Federal Hotel, Amelia Franklin Coffee Roastery, Heartland Didgeridoos, The Prov, Guru Food, Sis De Lane, Big Skye Gallery, Nexus Gallery… plus more.

DSCF3874 DSCF3876


Amongst interviews and reviews etc, is the lift out BELLBOTTOM EVENT GUIDE.  Very neat. All on recycled paper and coming out monthly.

I am including a sample of the EVENTS Page.The graphics are excellent. I like the look of this one. Then again, if you have been served by Maggie Quirk, you will know what a sweetheart she is.