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We took a trip to Coffs Harbour. That’s not something I do a lot of but its only a quarter of an hour or so up the road so we headed up there to look for a gift for our little girl who turns 4 next week. It started out moderately warm and became rather hot during the day. We did the big BUNNINGS hardware experience and followed that up with the centre of the city. One slight spat and we were up on the top floor eating Indian Curry and looking out over the Growers’ Markets and the main street.



Ecohouse at Raleigh Tip.


Out the front of the Cottage.

Today, I was reminded of why I left the Tweed and other environs of that size and shape. Many People love them but I just don’t do them well at all. I can do BIG CITIES. I am happy in the very middle of Brisbane and Sydney. I quite like Back Lanes.

However, give me  Tweed Heads and Coffs Harbour, towns of that nature and  the Burbs and I’m a Goner. I tried for 7 years or so to find the heart of the Gold Coast and failed. Today, I ventured into the world of Coffs Harbour. And failed again.

Bilambil Heights affected me the same way. I lived on the opposite side of the Bilambil Valley from 2004-2008 and was very happy but not THE HEIGHTS. Not the Heights.

I wonder what it is that actually suits a person to one place or another. I have a friend who talks of ‘ Nother Place” and ‘Nother Kind”.