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Bellinger Community Communications Co-operative


2 Triple B FM is a fantastic little Community Radio station based in the wonderfully diverse and beautiful Bellinger Valley. Our team of dedicated volunteers have been broadcasting a wide range of engaging programmes on 93.3 and 107.3 fm for over 27 years. The Voice of the Valley….the Plateau, and the Seaboard!


52 Wheatley St, Bellingen, Australia 2454 · Get directions


02 6655 0718




DSCF0302 I thought it were sorted. I thought the Facebook friends who complained were simply whingers and/or inefficient in their dealings with Net Providers. And yet – and yet – I have grown accustomed to their ways. Their cuttings out – and cuttings in. Their wiles, their deceits – are second nature to me now. Like breathing out – and breathing in,

This week I breathed in, just a little and dagnab it, I am over my usage quota – inexplicably. I cannot buy my way back in. That’s not allowed. I am to wait for 16 days till the ‘month’ is complete. I apologise to all I silently slandered with a satisfied smirk while I sailed along at top speed and paid highly for mega data.

Now I cannot watch youtube or open yahoo mail. I cannot  live as other people do.

And yet I have found it so hard to leave. Thanks to Mary Brennan who shared her story with me. It took her years to leave but leave she did and went into the arms of Westnet where she has been happy ever since. Thanks to Robert B – one word said he – WESTNET.

We need a Cult rescuer and debriefer. Someone who will go in and rescue those trapped  in an unhealthy ISP situation. Young Josh from Westnet warned me – DO NOT LET TELSTRA KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING or they will make your life a NIGHTMARE. Wait till you are safely with us.  Well I am not safely quite out yet and I don’t quite trust WESTNET either. I have been in the arms of Master Deceivers and am only going on the promises of others. OSHO said something to the effect of “you don’t trust them. So what ? “


But trust has never cheated anybody, it cannot. And I am not saying that through trust people cannot cheat you. Remember, I am saying trust never cheats anybody.


Don’t waste your life for that which is going to be taken away. Trust life. If you trust, only then can you drop your knowledge, only then can you put your mind aside. And with trust, something immense opens up. Then this life is no longer ordinary life, it becomes full of God, overflowing.
When the heart is innocent and the walls have disappeared, you are bridged with infinity. And you are not deceived; there is nothing that can be taken away from you. That which can be taken away from you is not worth keeping, and that which cannot be taken away from you… why should one be afraid of its being taken away? It cannot be taken away, there is no possibility. You cannot lose your real treasure.

Osho The Sun Rises in the Evening Chapter 9


One other curious story I heard this week re ISPs, was that OPTUS, who is advertising all manner of marvels, cannot  actually offer ANY services to ANYONE on the Bellingen Exchange because they do not have any more ‘space’ to offer.  Ah Well. Luckily I am in my OSHO mood.

The difference between trust and fate is very subtle.

DSCF0269Next week, then, I may well be on fast internet and cheap phone rates. I may well be able to call my long distance loved ones anytime of the day and speak to mobiles for less than $1 per minute. Ah!  And I shall Blog and make websites and play Scrabble online and chat idly with friends and look up Internet Archive and the HISTORIC NEWSPAPERS. I shall research and I will NOT see the spinning wheel of eternity.


The BARDS OF BELLO night at Guru Foods was a pleasure. I read in Pip Wilson’s Facebook Comments, that Marti Guy has been emceeing and organising it since it started. Seems she also places the ad in the COURIER-SUN each month as well, at her own expense.

Its on the last Friday of each month. As stated previously, the April Bards were at GURU FOODS.  Free admission. Suited us well. I had my frappe drink with ginger and assorted other goodies. Amy makes the desserts as well as handling the cooking and this week the choice was Banana and Honey cake or peach and cardammon cheesecake.

The Bards covered a wide range of moods, genres and tastes. I haven’t been to a poetry reading since U.Q. (University of Queensland) for Izzy’s farewell from AUSTLIT and that’s a few years back now.  Iz wore his maroon beret from ULMARRA which he wears for MCing. The next night he wore it to the JAZZ at the RSL GOLF CLUB where he was asked to remove it. Forgot it was an RSL Club. I thought they were also supposed to observe a silence in the evening but that didn’t happen and there was some pretty heavy language from one member of the band. Ah well.


I had to leave earlier than I would have liked due to fatigue, but as I was leaving, Craig was showing some of his preparation for a World Challenge in Nimbin. Marti was standing at the door listening carefully. I shall follow up on the details.

I have seen this building which houses GURU FOODS, in many guises over the years. I think Mark St Leon was there at one time and there was definitely Italian. I have forgotten the main name I knew it by which seems silly. I wonder if anyone out there can  fill in the very large gaps for me.

When I started to come to visit KatiB and IMM  a couple of years back, Mel and Woodsy had it – with circus gear and all manner of exciting stock.

Now, the Girls are doing an excellent job of honouring the Ethos.


The Autumn Mornings this year are clear and cool. Last year was the Year of the Floods – but this year is exquisite. The mists rise each morning from the paddocks out front and its crisp and cold. I have rarely enjoyed Autumns and realised this week that it is because I have always feared the  winter.

2010 – and I have determined to simply enjoy these lovely days as they are. The shadows are long and the dew is on the grass.



When I was away on the 2 week round trip to all children and grandchildren, I took  video of the trip down the DORRIGO MOUNTAIN to Bellingen. That was for the SAVE BELLO HOSPITAL Facebook Page. Having recovered from many years of phobia re driving up and down the Mountain, it was interesting. The quality is dodgy as and I have only just discovered Windows Live Movie Maker so Bear with it.


This week I took a drive through the Hospital Grounds at Bellingen and was shocked. The building above is just some sort of demountable and there is a whole batch of them. Shoddy ! 

old bello hospital 
Once it looked like this ! Margaret Glyde has sent SBH a lot of pics from the Past. Where did the elegance and aesthetics go to im 2010 ? The wrought iron went to someone’s house. They contacted us. At least its not taken for granted.

Bellingen Hospital, northern New South Wales, Australia. It has a lovely nature path. - Copy

Pip Wilson posted these images of the BRDH grounds and that was only a few years back. Beautiful grounds, well kept and a fine legacy from Dr Hewitt.   They didn’t look like this yesterday. The Bellingen Health Action Group  is organising something for the Gardens. I shall put their site up here.


Public Notice
Do you love Gardening? 
Do you hate weeds? 
Do you want to beautify the gardens at Bellingen Hospital?

Then Register NOW to be a Volunteer Gardener at Bellingen Hospital

We are seeking more volunteers to add to our growing list.

Diana Saunders on 66550071 or
Barbara Moore on 66551898
for more information and to register.






Its been a busy day. Izzy got in from the Grafton Emporium Music Night way after midnight. The featured Beneficiaries of the night was the CLARENCE  Valley Conservatorium. It meant we were both tired today but due to the Hiccoughs with registering the Charade Online ( despite repeated reassurances about its being easy) we headed to Nambucca Heads to the R.T.A MOTOR REGISTRY. It was once a quiet little office. Today was not quiet and a jocular  camaraderie developed amongst the waiting customers. The beautiful Maiva, whom I recall from the 1990s and early 2000s handled my case and within minutes, the Charade was legal and all was well ! Next door to the RTA in what I think was once called Peachtree Arcade but might not have been, were two huge bears with zero explanation of what they were doing there. Luckily they were caged.


I did Centrelink as well and then out to Bowraville. Bowraville goes amongst Northern Rivers towns which have been long laughed at and which are now coming into their own. Cafes and Museums and galleries. Very nice indeed. Then back through Macksville. Checked the PO Box at Urunga and then home to Raleigh. Then Izzy who is the social one of the two, urged me into the BELLO BARDS night at GURU FOODS. Took the North Bank Road and nearing North Bello came upon the large number of cars near the NORTH BANK COMMUNITY GARDENS where the APRIL MAZE Concert was on. Damn. Forgot that one ! We continued into North Bello to say hello to the MOB there and then into GURU FOODS for the poetry. 2 tahli plates later and some excellent poetry reading, our energy finally drained away and we headed back. We will be planning to attend next month because we like the look of the BELLO BARDS.

Tomorrow is SAILING at the new URUNGA SAILING CLUB. Then the JUG BAND at Bello RSL  Golf Club. For now then, bedtime, and the mere skeleton of a day’s posting. Full Moon and its a grand Autumn Night.