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Here and Now | October 2018 / Dolly Henry

an we just all take a deep breath and acknowledge that it is in fact OCTOBER and that clearly some unscrupulous person has stolen 2018 without anyone noticing because last time I looked it was only March!Right, now we have gotten that out of the way, I am convinced the proper authorities will be notified and we can all start looking forward to 2019 at a much more leisurely pace.In an attempt to put the breaks on, I am pausing for a minute to enjoy a little mindfulness and meditation in the form of Here and Now, the monthly link-up by the lovely Say! Little Hen blog.So what is my here and now for October 2018?Loving // The rain, I appreciate it topping up our tank no end. I can stop worrying for a little while that showering every day is a little risky to the household water supply! Thank you rain!!!Eating //  Peanut Butter Cookies that are so delicious, I think they might have inspired the Cookie Monster himself!Feeling // A little out of whack. My Queensland system is not yet used to Daylight Saving and in spite of the many good arguments for it, I am yet to be convinced. I do not like it and I may just well spend my later years being the crazy-hates-daylight-saving-lady that lives on the hill and makes the neighborhood children knock on the door and run away screaming…just saying.Making //  A little doll who has blonde curly hair and is so far nameless…open for suggestions!

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I don’t know much about horses and I only know a little about chooks but I rather think I shall know more in the next few months.


The Sydney Morning Herald… Tuesday 19 November 1935, page 10.



The Bellingen Shire Council has protested against the practice of turning old or sick horses on to the roads to die, and has decided to take severe action to stop it. A reward of £2 has been offered to any person who gives information leading to the conviction of any offender.


Here the horses  are loved and taken care of. So are the Chooks. I like Chooks and am watching the Horses.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), Friday 30 June 1950, page 4

horses and floodsThe Sydney Morning Herald Friday 30 June 1950, page 4


coach crashThe Sydney Morning HeraldTuesday 5 March 1912, page 9 

In 2010, we are intimidated by the Dorrigo- Bellingen Road. Back in 1912, they were galloping down.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), Tuesday 5 March 1912, page 9