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Neil Alexander Hamilton 9th September 1951 – 20th May 2015


Neil Alexander Hamilton
9th September 1951 – 20th May 2015

Loving father of Daniel, Alex and Hugh, Brother of Col and Juanita, Son of Stuart and Lillian and Grandfather of Niko.

“And I lay me down
Worn but not weary
The cup half empty is then full
As the flame slips away
At the dimming before the light
Love is the Legacy”

(Neil Hamilton)

A public celebration of the life and times of Neil will be held
by family and friends

Saturday the 30th May,
Gathering at 10:00am for a 10:30am start


(Bring an umbrella if it’s wet. Bring something to sit on if you want. Bring your memories & stories)



This week sees the end of Springtime 2010 and brings in the Summer. Its been wet and cool most of the time although Izzy says Grafton was HOT. The Kids were on duty at the Bello Growers Markets last Saturday – selling FUDGE. I’m not quite sure who they were selling fudge for but they showed initiative.

The Showground looks a little more like itself after the trashing of the Global Carnival and its accompanying flood. We did not have rhubarb and apple crumble this week due to the cook being unwell.

Once – I went to Tyalgum to listen to a Pianist, a young pianist play in the Hall there at the Classical Music Festival. A man called Jim took me. He has since gone to live at Lightning Ridge and play piano in the club there.

One of the ways to access Urunga from here at Raleigh is to take a left at the $1 million roundabout just across the bridge and follow Yellow Rock Road around. We did that in reverse the other day, coming back from town. Part way round, there was once a holiday shack. There were once a lot of holiday shacks in Urunga and evirons but the rampaging Govt Departments are eliminating them.

This particular one stood on stilts at the edge of the river and the sands. I always fancied it. This week, we took the little road past its former site and parked beside the River. I love Rivers.


Yellow Rock curves further around the river. It has perhaps 5 cattle grids on the way and the dairy cattle graze almost to the water and are milked in dairies beside the road.

The North Coast Rail Line crosses the road almost at Raleigh itself. A level crossing with the Repton Rail Bridge to the North.


The threading continuity of my life is more visible in this area than in any other. Its here that I holidayed as a child and came as teenager and young adult. It’s the area I married into and where my children were born and to which I return.

Now I am an old woman and have once more returned. I am more thoughtful this time, more reflective.


Saturday Night, with moon rising, I was wondering about Saturday Nights in other places. Places which I will most likely never see. Polly from New York State told me about the Woodstock Meeting. Mike Madigan showed me images of Icebergs in Newfoundland and Ellen Derek explained Thanksgiving for me in Boston. In this settled phase of my life, an unsettled urge began prod at me.

The next morning, I was in Raleigh Hall at a meeting and met a girl with a beautiful smile. Worked it out that there are 5-6 households of US here in this little section of the world.

I have had “Marianne Faithful  in the Irish Hills” hopes for years. Could be the time for me. I like village life and the prospect of true village life with like minded community is appealing.


The parrots and other birds who come calling in the mornings now number 20-30 or so. Squarking and squabbling.