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Autumn remains classy this year. Blue skied and warm with cool nights. I took a trip into Urunga today. Not that that is a very big trip. Perhaps 6 kms. We chose the Boardwalk Cafe for lunch. I used to really enjoy the BOARDWALK but wasn’t best pleased with today’s cheese on toast. I shall try again – could do with more Vegetarian options.


We took a cruise around town.  Memories of many years for Kati B and Me. We were also introducing the Little Lady to her hometown. The OVH ( OceanView Hotel ) is where Joy and Bruce ( my parents ) took that 1948 Honeymoon. New car parks have been built opposite and a new Swing Park.

DSCF2327 DSCF2360

Morgo Street Reserve, Urunga.

The vacant block of land on Morgo Street beside the OVH. That’s where WHITE ROSE TRADING was.

This is SHOW WEEK in Bellingen.They have a really good webpage. BELLINGEN SHOW MAY 15-16. Its a big weekend planned all round in Bello. The Markets are on down at the Park and in Town at Council Park, the Nurses are holding a BBQ and Rally. Bhag will be there for the SAVE BELLO HOSPITAL Rally. There’s a new song coming out. I think its a Thorazoo effort but could be wrong. Its the SBH rallying song and plans are afoot to march the street. Banners are needed and your face would help a lot ! Thorazoo will be there anyways providing free music.

DSCF2352 DSCF2351

Next visit, we will be doing the Boardwalk and the Sea Lido. A walk to the end of the Breakwall is also planned. My father and mother did the walk most days till Mum’s knees gave out. Dad walked out to the end and along the beach to Hungry Head. He collected shells and gathered oysters. Pretended he had poor vision so he could ask directions of beautiful young women. I shall walk out there – next time.

dad lido  

Bruce Sanders returning from his Hungry Head Walk.

sue lynne rocker urunga  

The Urunga Swing park in the 1950s.