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The amazing Marguerite who arranged the whole things.

… Bellingen Seedsavers …

… Bellingen Seedsavers ….
Some seedsavers attended this march which was organised by Bellingen locals.

Check out what happened around the world.

Here is the FaceBook page link

Jude and Michel Fanton, founders of Seedsavers, were unable to attend. They sent an apology which was read out to the audience.

“We are unable to attend as we are in Albania. We had the huge privilege of hearing Vandana Shiva in person at a free seed festival in Greece 10th to 13th of May. Let’s continue to exchange freely and abundantly.” Jude Fanton

Here are some pics from the day. Marguerite and Annabelle, with supporters, organised an inspiring event.

Carol Vernon read an apology from Jude and Michel Fanton


Marching to the park.


Bellingen Memorial Hall was the wet weather venue


I am away in Port Macquarie at the moment. Time to take some back looking at  the Bellingen Shire. I love this Shire but there are SOME things which have me wondering. Here’s a brief list without explanation or dissection. My opinion might not match anyone else’s. These things trouble me :

  • the coach stop at Urunga.
  • the railway station at Urunga.
  • the lack of swimming at Urunga.
  • why does the effluent go into the Lagoon – at Urunga ?
  • need for takeaways – in Urunga.
  • add to that the air of general neglect in much of the Shire.
  • the lack of caravan parks and other cheap accommodations in Bellingen. Congrats to the Backpackers.
NY The Australian Women's Weekly , Wednesday 2 January 1952 2

I am enjoying the North Beach Store with its takeaways and verandah for outdoor eating. Would like to be able to buy some food out at Hungry Head. Haven’t been out since I came back so I don’t know how the Surf Club Canteen is functioning. Up above there useterbe a shop at the Caravan Park. It was a mystery cavern to me when I was little.


Visited Flynn’s Beach yesterday. Packed.

Plenty  of good beach type takeaways.

Then again, as Kati B says, if you have lots of places for people to stay, then you will have lots of people staying there and having just escaped the Tweed which was being eaten by the Gold Coast, maybe Urunga is dandy just as it is.



Thought I would 026re-visit the bench in the URUNGA COACH STOP.

A truly sad example of the bench. The structure around it is unmaintained and dirty. The bench is low and uncomfortable.Exposed to elements from all directions except the East. No toilet facilities near to hand. No bus timetable. A place of despair and discomfort rather than a meeting place for holidaymakers. Shame on you, Bello Council !

Take a look at Nambucca Coach Stop.  It had some fine benches as well and the drivers and travellers alike were sitting there yaaning.

It is also situated on the edge of the river. Pretty. Comfortable and clean with toilets.