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DSCF0288 I missed a good shot today. The local supermart in Urunga had black balloons and streamers flying. The  staff was dressed in black and their name labels included one called WITCHY POO. Witchy Poo also had black lipstick and a witch’s hat.  I thought it were to do with the footie at first. Then I was at a loss. It was, of course. FRIDAY 13th. They said they had been looking forwards to it for months.

On a less fortunate note, SAIL URUNGA which operates out of the old SCOUT HALL in URUNGA and includes SAILABILITY for the disabled, received distressing news re exiting the premises. Dept of Lands  is on one of its takeover missions. There is another Sailing Club around on Atherton Drive but SAIL URUNGA and SAILABILITY don’t have access to it. That’s the Other One up there in the Pic.

What I am not going to  do is plunge into discouragement. I am going to  do some posts based around inspiring  one-liners I have heard over the years. Graeme from up in Coolangatta has a repertoire of sayings. They include:



Tired as I am from hitting the World head on, I am going to say BLOODY MARVELLOUS and see how that changes things,

SAIL URUNGA with all its adventurous spirit and hopes for sailing for People of all ages and abilities no longer has a  clubhouse or place to store their boats – BLOODY MARVELLOUS ! The webpage seems also to have disappeared. – Bloody marvellous.


DSCF0319 BRIGALOW CARAVAN PARK, where I have often lived, is now in a state of disrepair – bloody marvellous.

Its less easy to see the Bloody Marvellousness in the injuries to PIP WILSON last week. I shall leave you with that one and hope that someone might have more details or info that can help and wish Pip and his family well.

I shall find as many as I can of  Pip’s Links . You will find him, I should think, to be quite amazing. At the moment he is in John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle with very serious head injuries.

I am spoon feeding you the Links , something of which Pip would probably disapprove.