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Its my writing that has bogged down.

Its actually not a week long reflection. Its a reflection upon a long week. Last Friday I was at home. Living near to the ground as stated in the last post. Reason I like that is my difficulty with KNEES and therefore steps and stairs.

DSCF8884 I have acquired the Black Cat. With a garden filled with birds I am even less inclined to feeling affection for a Cat than I usually am. However, Bill the Black Cat has moved in and I am calling him William. William the Conqueror for conquering a mass of my tabus in only 2 weeks.. It chills me to the bone to be behaving like an elderly cat woman. 

Friday included curtains drawn and early darkness. Winter here is not savage and yet the emotions of Winter still slide across the Shire. One heater lit only at night is enough to warm the house. I have a huge lounge suite but have never mastered the Art Of Lounging. I have read widely on the topic. I have observed Loungers. I have practiced Lounging but I always find myself back at a window, sitting in an upright wooden chair in front of pen and journal, typewriter or blissfully these days – a laptop. UNLOUNGED. I even have recliners this time. and they haven’t touched the inner essence of the non-Lounger very deeply at all.

I have a series of  books by W.W. JACOBS. I got them at a South Grafton Garage Sale. Jacobs wrote for Jerome K Jerome’s magazine THE IDLER.

Now, I have located a Blog by the name of THE IDLER.

One more link to an Art of Lounging site and I shall return to the week.

I can do IDLE.  Its not a bad theme for an old dropout and chronicler.

DSCF8967 Saturday was the day for GROWERS’ MARKETS and the SAVE BELLINGEN HOSPITAL RALLY. I spent that day in the 3 generations of women outing mode I have come to enjoy with my daughter and her daughter. I went from Raleigh where I live in the Workers’ Cottage up around the North Bank Road to North Bellingen

DSCF9176I have said enough about the Rally for the moment so I shall leave it be with the Blitzwagon bringing up the rear of the procession.

DSCF9194 I don’t engage easily with other people and have spent long periods in almost Eremitic  Solitude. Now that I live with someone and mingle amongst, I take the Days Off to disengage. Bruised easily by other people said Old Flo in Bondi. That gave me Sunday at home and close to home. The Old Pacific Highway crosses the Raleigh Bridge not far from here.

List of Notable Events

Nov 1935 – Old Raleigh Bridge over Bellinger River at Raleigh.

Try this link for a fine series of Photographs of Raleigh.

One that I like best of all is of Swaggies waiting for the punt at Raleigh.  The Year is not given.

swaggies waiting for the punt at raleigh nsswsl

That’s the NSW STATE LIBRARY with a rather sad new Logo. 


I have been wondering when the Friesian Cow became so dominant in this area. My Mother, who spent a good bit of the war years in Bangalow, was an advocate of the Jersey cow as a milker and my memories as a child were of gentle brown cows. In 2010, the black and white Friesians are EVERYWHERE. There is an image on the NSW State Library link and the cows there don’t look Friesian to me.

 DSCF9196Izzy had a gig at the Harwood Hotel last Saturday and stayed over at Woombah. I am throwing the names in for you to look up on yr Funk n Wagnall. Coming home he picked up a few things from Ulmarra. They included a box of handcrafted Chocolates from the Ulmarra Newsagency and included pre-ordered vegetable pies baked by Lizzie at WIDE RIVER CAFE. At the end of August, there will be a big opening of the new National Park at Nambucca.

The new Gaagal Wanggaan (South Beach) National Park is Aboriginal land that the Aboriginal people of the Nambucca Valley want to share with the rest of the community.

DSCF9198Lizzie’s brother, Andrew Hegedus, along with Izzy Foreal, Tony Rendell and renowned local drummer Keith Longman as well as Roy Geiger on guitar from Byron, are tentatively down as the band  to perform at the end of August for the opening of Gaagal Wangaan. Looks good so it does.

South Beach National Park proclaimed

DSCF9234 Monday, we took off South to Port Macquarie where I have family. Its about a 1 1/2 hour drive. The trees are different and the town is different from where we are here. There are KOALAS in those trees. I believe there are koalas up behind us here but I have not seen one. My sister has seen Many Koalas down in Port. We stayed out at Lighthouse Beach. Me, I like the Old Core of Port Macquarie. Bit of a 19th century afficionado. They do however have camel rides on the beach at Lighthouse. I didn’t go the extra half kilometre to the Lighthouse and I didn’t ride on the Camels. I didn’t even see the Koalas. Seems i don’t see a lot of things.

DSCF9247 After months during 2009 and the first half of 2010 of staying in overnight accommodations, we found ourselves back in a ‘CABIN’. Good value for $60 per night – ensuite. Nevertheless, it took me some gulps of sea air and a girding of the loins to enter yet another ‘container’ with the intention of sleeping an entire night in it. We had more serious business than overnight accommodations on our mind and knew we only needed ‘ a bed to sleep in’ but I surely do prefer a view of the river and boats and ships. Travelling on the XPT years back, a woman seated over the aisle described it as a ‘people carrier’. The Cabin was something similar except it wasn’t moving. Then again, perhaps there was something there that I wasn’t seeing.

DSCF9278 (3) I lay very still and slept all night. I had hoped a koala would wake me but none did. Next morning, I was out of there and back to the more important business of talking with my sister and her family.

DSCF9308 Heading home with Cassandra in the back of the Starwagon, we stopped in at Fredo’s Pies in Frederickton. All manner of pies inc crocodile and camel. Cassandra is newly returned from 2 years in the U.K. living in Brixton.

Vegetarians all, Fredo’s has a wide selection for us as well as for the  carnivorous.

DSCF9320 COUSINS REUNITED.,_New_South_Wales 

Some of these stats look dodgy to me. How could yahoo possibly be dodgy ? They say Dorrigo’s coldest ever July temp was –3.2. Doesn’t sound right.




DSCF9362 DSCF9366

Wednesday  brought the rains again. A lot of rain. A flat battery for the Starwagon and Day at Home.  Suited me fine.  Didn’t seem to suit the horses so well.

DSCF9394 The rain brought in the Spoonbills and someplace over the fence is the Jabiru.

DSCF9515 Wrapped the week up with a clear day and lunch at the Gelato Bar. Iz was off to Grafton for the Emporium Music Cafe Gig and I passed they day en Famille. All in all, an interesting week in the country.





DSCF8861Friday to Friday. Its 21 degrees right now. Not bad for middle of winter. The rains have passed over again and the skies are blue.  I am taking a day at home after a busy-ish week.  One day in the middle of this week looked like flooding rains were setting in again. I saw some nervous shivers but it didn’t have the feel of flood to me and sure enough, it passed over during the night.–urunga-bridge.html

DSCF8859 Living close to the ground suits me well.




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There is a dam beside our driveway. It is just a small body of water and yet – it has its mysteries. The darker, gloomier days of this winter, it seems very deep to me and reflects skies and trees and birds.

DSCF7912 I am staying still. That is never an easy thing for me. Restless and discontent if not irritable. Once again I am aiming for one full year in one place. The Butcher birds have come in. it seems to me that each thing I like is one of the pests or the non-natives. The Coral Tree and the Butcher Bird. Ah well.

DSCF7932 The Black Cat is a pest too but has taken a  shine to me.  Feels like a witch and her familiar.  Its Friday Night and the Footie is on. I can do without that. The black cat has taken to sitting on the children’s outdoor setting. He appears to be WAITING. One thing he is not waiting for is the Satin Bower Bird -  or the Butcher Bird or the very large Kookaburras.

DSCF7939DSCF7941 The Satin bower Birds come in close now. I thought they were more timid.



 DSCF8179 DSCF7965

I shall deal with the coming weekend first.  Its CRAFT DAY for the Hospital . That will be held at the UNITING CHURCH HALL in Hyde Street. Later in the day, Narcotics Anonymous meets there as well. NA meets there every Saturday at 4pm. If Drugs are your problem ( or one of your problems ) why not give it a try. Saturday 4pm.

Tomorrow is also MARKET DAY,

Footie is on Sunday at the Graveyard ( known on Saturdays as the markets). Reserve Grade has dropped out for the rest of the season so Under 18s are kicking off at 1.30 pm.

I am not sure what’s happening with the Soccer. Ah ! Here’s your link :

There are a good few of the games at Home in Bello or Urunga. We watched a match the other day and enjoyed it bigtime.

Sunday there is a working bee at the Community Gardens.


There is to be a MONSTER RALLY for the HOSPITAL.  Check the Save Bello Hospital Page for details including words to the 2nd rallying song. Thanks to Jaki Lockyer for them. We will see if we can whip up a quick youtube vid so you can practice.

Here are the words anyhows, with explanatory notes provided to me by Solveig and Jaki.

Dear Everyone,
Please find yet another expression of unique creativity from Jaki Lockyer.. To the tune of "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport", which we may all sing together on Saturday at the Rally!
Please print, spread the word, and bring!
Let’s knock the socks of Mr Ridley Scott!
Regards to All, Solveig
Solveig – here tis:
There’s a Bellingen businessman, lying, dying,
and he gets himself up on one elbow,
and he turns to the pollies,
who are gathered ’round him and he says:
Let me hospital be, you mob,
Let me hospital be.
We need our services here, sport,
Need our services here.
Lets keep acute care beds, Tebs,
Keep our acute care beds.
Recovery’s cheaper here, dear,
Recovery’s cheaper here.
All together now!
Let me hospital be, you mob,
Let me hospital be.
We need our services here, sport,
Need our services here.
Bello’s right for babies too, Vahid,
Right for babies too.
Coffs’ great if things complicate, mate
Great if things complicate.
All together now!
Let me hospital be, you mob,
Let me hospital be.
We need our services here, sport,
Need our services here.
We need ED all night, Haze,
Need ED all night.
Let those ambos just come, chum
Let those ambos just come.
All together now!
Let me hospital be, you mob,
Let me hospital be.
We need our services here, sport,
Need our services here.
Give our theatre more to fix, Nics
Our theatre more to fix.
And x-rays too on call, and all
Xrays too on call
All together now!
Let me hospital be, you mob,
Let me hospital be.
We need our services here, sport,
Need our services here.
Coffs’ in dire straits, Chris,
Coffs is in dire straits.
Let Bello share the weight, mate,
Let Bello share the weight
All together now!
Let me hospital be, you mob,
Let me hospital be.
We need our services here, sport,
Need our services here.


rally 3 dd