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Paddling around New South Wales.
FLAME TREE FESTIVAL 2010This weekend sees the inaugral FLAME TREE MUSIC FESTIVAL. Now, that’s NORTH of Bellingen. Up in GRAFTON. Its 10 hours of Music to help a local girl. There’s been a good bit of rain about so we will see. They tell me that the grandstands will cover that contingency and also that the bands are OK under their shelter. RACECOURSES,SHOWGROUNDS and MUD seem to be irrevocably linked. Izzy is MCing this one. I am staying in Bellingen Shire. Here’s the setup.

Bellingen Shire. Next North is Coffs Harbour Shire.  Clarence Shire is the next and that’s where Grafton is. Only about 1 hour and a bit by road from here.

At one time, Bellingen Show moved to November to try to avoid the Rains and Floods and Muds. I see that it is back where it belongs in MAY. May 15, this year. The Poppy’s Birthday.

The library in Bellingen Shire is THE CLARENCE REGIONAL. I have only dim recollections of how that came about. I do know we skipped the Coffs Library network entirely and allied with Clarence. AH ! Regional Living. The dynamics are very complex. They cannot be learned in one day.

020Today seems a good day for a TIP RUN. I still don’t see why living near a Tip means we take our rubbish to Them, rather than Them collecting it. No Matter.
Many years ago, my brother and I were out at the tip which was smouldering nicely in the late afternoon sun. We had tossed the garbage with pre-recycle abandon over the edge into the smoulder. As we were returning to the car, we heard a gentle hissing, paused a moment to consider, recognised it  for what it was and hopped it out of there quick smart. An aerosol can about to explode.

Perhaps, now that I am committed to Tip Runs, I shall enjoy some more adventures of that nature.

Up on the Tweed, I took the Kids and the Charade for a drive, sometime in the 2000s along the muddy road to Leddays Creek Tip and a truck passed dumping thick mud all over us.

022The Old Pacific Highway runs down the end of our road and follows the River. It gives me a good quality road which is no longer the Highway. A New elevated road is now the Pacific Highway. The OPH – well that’s it. Our road into town. It curves and curves sharply to cross the river at the Raleigh Bridge. Just on that side of the river, the Southern Side, is a $1 million roundabout. The RTA built it just prior to building the new Pacific Highway. A very fine roundabout it is – of little use – BUT !

One exit from the $1 million roundabout leads to the NORCO Factory ( I hope it is still the Norco Factory and not lost to another Mega Company) and Raleigh School. It leads to Yellow Rock Road and the Raleigh Winery as well as Raleigh Hall. I do believe I have a distant relative down there who does beautiful paintings for the Historical Society in Bellingen.

Another exit from the $1 million roundabout leads to the once and former Raleigh Station and another takes you South to the old Village, the Old Truck Stop, some houses and Harfield’s 2nd hand shop and WILAIR  BUILDING SUPPLIES and then joins the NPH( New Pacific Highway) and into Urunga and ‘Points South”.082


I don’t grow plants. I don’t garden. I like gardens and I like plants. I do, however, not tend them very well, myself. We have a blank slate here – garden wise. Izzy has the tools and some plans. We are down on the flood plains.


Like the cockroach, the displaced

have crawled through the cracks

and selected for themselves

an agreeable niche.

A place to start from scratch.

They thrive in the vegetable air.

You wonder how you’ll survive,

unfit, unable to work.

Lacking the predatory skills,

you’ve stayed in the trees,

a dreamer, all your life,

even now wanting to believe

a change of scenery

will get you back on your feet.

A brief hiatus in the vegetable air.


Bellingen is a town of EATERIES. Daytime eateries in particular.


020Yesterday we did INFUSIONS up the top end of town near the Church where I once married the son of the Shire President.  I was recently described as ‘ a woman who once lived here and might come back to live in a couple of year’s time ‘. I DID not like that description.
Newspapers published in New South Wales


The Bellinger Courier-Sun 1946-2007

The Northern Courier and County of Raleigh Advocate
1897-1907, 1922-1946



23 Jul 2010 to 25 Jul 2010
2010 NSW State Closed Sprint Titles
Venue: Raleigh International Raceway Host Clubs: Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club,

Manning Valley Kart Racing Club & Newcastle Kart Racing Club



August 1881 – Maquarie-Dudley-Raleigh
Exact location not yet pin pointed


NSW Railway Timeline of Events